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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

14 months today

Well, gang, Aidan is just growing and growing and do all sorts of amazing things. She is walking like a pro. And she's starting to climb. It is amazing how strong she is! Soon, nothing in the house will be safe. She also learning to sit on her truck and push herself along with her feet. Before long, she'll be ready for a tricyle! She's working hard on her words. We have "Mama," "Uh-oh!" "hi," "up," "out," "agua," and something that sounds like agua but really means "I want." She occasionally says "Mom" as well. The first two and agua are the only really consistent words. The others come and go. She's having great fun going to the park these days and going down the slide. She just thinks it is a blast.

Today, for Halloween, she dressed up as a ladybug. She was really cute. Thanks to godmother Denise for the cute costume. I'll try to post pictures soon. She's had an ear infection, but the tubes make it quick and easy to treat - thank goodness! Overall, she's doing great and turning into such a little girl!