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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Some recent adventures and silliness

Here's a series of Aidan at the park:


Playing the piano in her hat:


General cuteness:



So, last night, we began the bedtime ritual. Clothes off. Diaper change. PJs. Lexa (the dachshund - still for sale, btw) was sitting in the rocker we use at bedtime. Aidan kept pointing at her and saying, "No, no, no" and shaking her finger. We get all ready and Christianne asks me if I would like to put Aidan to sleep. I get Lexa out of the chair and sit down and Aidan starts arching her back and saying "No, no, no" as Christianne attempts to pass her to me. I suggest that, perhaps, Aidan would like Christianne to put her to sleep. So, we change places. I'm talking to Aidan (who has grabbed a book by now), telling her I love her, reminding her to "sleep tight all night" and such. She opens her book and starts looking at the pictures and, without even looking at me says, "Bye-bye."

Okie dokie.

Nite-nite sweet girl.

I never said that Aidan didn't know her own mind.

Christianne took some great pictures of Aidan at the park. We'll get those uploaded soon.

Aidan is finally back in school today, after almost a week out with a stomach virus. I hope that's the end of that for awhile! I took her to our local get well daycare yesterday for part of the day. She really liked it there and had a good time. I'd rather that we care for her when she's sick, but this seems like a great (if expensive!) option if we really need it.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dachshunds for sale

Anyone interested in two, very sweet, loving dachshunds - cheap?

Dear, lovely pets that they are, woke up Aidan - who was nicely asleep in her carseat and then in my arms when we came home from church. What's the first rule of a home with a young child in it?


Then, I almost had her back to sleep when Harley (a very cute double dapple) decided that he needed to take that moment to barge into Aidan's room and roll around on the carpet while making happy dog sounds. Not conducive to Aidan sleeping.


I finally put Aidan down in her crib, much to her initial dislike, gathered up the dogs, and left the room. Aidan proceeded to play in her crib (in between brief bouts of not serious crying) for 1.5 hours before FINALLY going back to sleep. Now, of course, she'll want to sleep too late, so I will have to go wake her up, which will then involve more crying and crabbiness until she realizes that she likes being awake. Then bedtime will come and we'll hope she'll be tired again.

So, any takers on the dachshunds?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Better today

Aidan is finally feeling better today. She still had a fever and was up-chucking some, but she kept down dinner last night and breakfast this morning, so we are hopeful. And she's quite energetic and talkative this morning!

She just finished her morning composition exercises on the piano and is now working on vacuum engineering, exploring why the on/off switch only works sometimes (like when it is plugged in!). We have a very well-rounded little girl.

For those who are interested, here's a picture of our new floor:


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sick little girl

You know how when you don't feel well, you want your favorite part of jammies, some comfy slippers, and a cozy blanket? Well, Aidan fell sick last night with some virus that made her up-chuck and this morning she started with a fever. After changing her jammies twice, she decided that the only possible way she could go to sleep was like this:


Now, I tried to cover her up. She would have none of it.

I tried to take off the black, patent leather shoes and every time I tried, this sleepy "Noooooo" would emit from her lips.

So be it. Sleep is more important than appropriate sleep attire.

The doctor said it isn't the flu, so we will just have to ride it out. She's doing OK. Cranky, but OK. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Crazy daredevil girl

So, last week, Aidan resumed her sliding activities. I had visions of being able to be like the other parents I see: sitting quietly on a bench, leafing through a parenting magazine or talking to another parent, while my daughter attentively climbed up to the slide, sat down with her feet in front of her, and slid down the slide. Yesterday dashed those hopes for a while.

Aidan decided to go down the slide again. The first two trips were great, feet out, perfect. Then she decided to get brave and a little crazy. She spent most of the rest of her trips down the slide coming down head first on her tummy, yelling "Wheee!!!!!!" all the way down. And she loved being caught at the bottom and swung up in the air. Of course, if I hadn't been there to catch her, she would have landed on her face. I don't think she's figured that out yet. I'm hoping next time will be back to feet first, but it also kind of cool to have a little one who is so willing to throw herself into life.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Today's big girl accomplishment

Today, Aidan and I went to the park. On the play structures, there are stairs to climb to get up to the platform where you can then slide or whatever. Today, Aidan held on to the handrail and walked up 6 stairs all by herself - without falling over. It was quite something! And then, we slid down, side by side, holding hands(there were two slides ajoined). It was way fun!

Tonight, she decided that she didn't like having her tray on her booster seat and wanted to sit with her dishes on the table like everyone else. I actually think she decided this a few days ago, but it took me until tonight to figure out that when she was handing me her plate and saying "No. No." it didn't mean she was done eating, but rather than she was unhappy with the arrangement of her tableware. Live and learn is the name of the mommy game, isn't it?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!


We wish you all a day filled with love!!


At Aidan's school they have one of those big wooden fort/slide things that kids can climb up a ladder and then slide down a cool tubular slide. There are probably 5 rungs on the ladder. For awhile now, Aidan has liked to climb up there with me and go down the slide on my lap. A couple of weeks ago, I was in heels and a skirt and decided that I was not into sliding that day. I let Aidan climb up the ladder and run around up there by herself. She decided to try the slide, after several minutes of approach, abort, approach, abort. I coached her on going down feet first. She did it twice and seemed to have fun.

Then, for two weeks, she would not go near a slide, no matter how small it was or even in my lap. She freaked out one day when she thought I was going to make it (I was just holding her and walking by it on the way off a play structure). I told it was fine, she didn't have to slide until she was ready.

Last night, one of her slightly older friends was sliding down the big slide and Aidan decided it was her time to go for it! She climbed that ladder like a little monkey and went down the slide all by herself, feet first, and had a blast. She probably did it 10 times. I still catch her at the bottom because she comes out a little crooked sometimes, but she was dizzy with addrenaline. She only slipped on the ladder a time or two and caught herself both times. We'll see how things go today. It is nice to know she can develop some fear (I was beginning to have my doubts!) and also get over them in her own time.

More cute pictures

Aidan thinks the dog bed is her personal snuggle place now.


This week's cooking class was on sweet potatoes.


And here she is with her pink car and baseball cap. No gender stereotyping in our home!


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mine! I! Nooooooo

These are Aidan new favorite words. Fortunately, she's also learning the concept of sharing, but it takes a little persuading.

Last night, I was attempting to wash her face after dinner. Aidan takes the wash cloth, clutches it to her chest, and says, "Mine!" while patting it as if it was her lovey, Steve. Did I mention she had a death grip on the wash cloth? So, I sit down, look her in the eyes, and ask in my nicest voice, "Aidan, may Mommy please use the wash cloth? Will you share with me, please?" After some consideration, she relented and allowed me to use it.

The other morning, we were in the car, headed down the driveway to go to school. From the backseat I hear, "I go! I go! I gooooooo!"

We are having the floor in our den and kitchen replaced this week. Those of you who have been to our home give a big "Hurrah!" that the nasty carpet is gone. In it's place is some lovely tile. Aidan has decided that it is her job to sweep the floor each night. (I'll have to thank the workers for leaving the broom out.) I tried to shorten this process because of the nasty, rusted staples that are everywhere. Guess which word Aidan used? "No!!!!!" Back to negotiating. "Aidan, may Mommy please see the broom?" "No! Mine!" "Aidan, Mommy needs to use the broom now." "No! Mine!" "Come on Aidan, let's go do something else...."

Christianne wants me to share the story of what happened at the park on Saturday. Christianne took Aidan to the park to get her out of the house and let me rest (I had the flu - thanks for nothing flu shot!). The park is near a place where people can ride horses. 3 horses and riders came through and apparently Aidan saw them and took off running (she runs now) toward the horses and would have ran all the way there (across the street, through the mud, etc.) if Christianne hadn't caught up with her. One of the riders stopped and let Aidan pet the horse. Christianne said was a little unsure about petting its nose, but loved to be up close to the horse and touch its coat. A way cool Mama-Aidan experience.

Aidan is in the process of transitioning to a new room at school, with new teachers. We have started to see our first signs of separation anxiety at school. She's been going there since she was 4 months old and she's now 17.5 months old. I guess we have been blessed. I feel so sad for her when I wave good-bye and she's bawling. I know it only lasts a moment, because by the time I sign her in she's stopped, but I had thought we might just avoid the whole thing - at least at daycare. I guess not. And at the end of the day, I can't get her to leave.

I'll try to post more pictures tonight or tomorrow.

Monday, February 11, 2008

No no no no no

Imagine this said with a vigorous head shake and a cute hi voice. It is hard not to smile even when Aidan is using her new favorite word over and over again in response to a request (usually from me, hummmm...). It goes like this:

Me: Aidan, let's change your diaper.

Aidan: No, no, no, noooooo.

Me: Aidan, can mommy put you to sleep tonight?

Aidan: Nooooo.

Me: Can mama put your to sleep tonight?

Aidan: Doesn't protest.

Me: Aidan, it is time to clean up.

Aidan: No, no, no.

You get the picture. At least she isn't whiney about it. Even with the extra "o" on the end of no. It is more of an elongation of the sound than a whine.

Mine you, she's only 17 months.

I've started saying "Yes, yes, yes" around her as much as possible in the hopes that she'll pick up that habit and discard the no habit. Anyone think that will work for me?

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Cute story of the day

Aidan was going after something that she shouldn't have. Christianne offered her something else. Aidan said (quite clearly), "I don't want that."


TONS of pictures

Here are a few of Aidan's adventures. She sure is creative!

One of her latest interests is taking every blanket out of her cubby, spreading them on her rug, and then lying down and rolling around on them. Fortunately, she's pretty good about helping pick up, her her folding skills need some work.


Just to prove she really is better at eating with a spoon...


Proving that will do anything to hear Aidan's great laugh, here we are putting Aidan's sock on our noses and then pretending to sneeze so the sock goes flying off and hits her in the face. We probably spent 20 minutes with this activity after dinner one night.


This will only make sense to those of you in Oregon, but Aidan's contemplating being part of the Granger calendar next year...


We figure it is never too early for Aidan to learn how to help around the house. Here she is learning to cook:


And helping with the laundry:


I'm not sure what sort "helping" it is to run down the hall with the toilet paper, but she sure had a plan!


Some days, getting out of the house is a challenge...


And just to prove she really does sleep:


Speaking of sleep, Aidan is doing much better with sleeping through the night. She's woken up briefly every night this week, but put herself back to sleep without my help. Now, if she just wouldn't cry when she wakes up.

Aidan cute story of the week. Aidan and I are going through the drive-thru at Boston Market. (I know, bad mommy.) I order her a kid's meal, but don't need a drink for her, so I get the kid's drink as a mommy treat of a diet coke. The worker hands me the cup and here is the dialogue (and actual conversation) that occurs between Aidan and myself:

Aidan: "Wha is at?"

Mommy: "What is this? It is a drink."

Aidan: "I wa."

Mommy: "No, you can't have it. Mommy's drink."

Aidan: "Uh..."

Mommy: "Sorry sweetie..."

Aidan: "Whaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

That's all for now!