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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


So, last night, we began the bedtime ritual. Clothes off. Diaper change. PJs. Lexa (the dachshund - still for sale, btw) was sitting in the rocker we use at bedtime. Aidan kept pointing at her and saying, "No, no, no" and shaking her finger. We get all ready and Christianne asks me if I would like to put Aidan to sleep. I get Lexa out of the chair and sit down and Aidan starts arching her back and saying "No, no, no" as Christianne attempts to pass her to me. I suggest that, perhaps, Aidan would like Christianne to put her to sleep. So, we change places. I'm talking to Aidan (who has grabbed a book by now), telling her I love her, reminding her to "sleep tight all night" and such. She opens her book and starts looking at the pictures and, without even looking at me says, "Bye-bye."

Okie dokie.

Nite-nite sweet girl.

I never said that Aidan didn't know her own mind.

Christianne took some great pictures of Aidan at the park. We'll get those uploaded soon.

Aidan is finally back in school today, after almost a week out with a stomach virus. I hope that's the end of that for awhile! I took her to our local get well daycare yesterday for part of the day. She really liked it there and had a good time. I'd rather that we care for her when she's sick, but this seems like a great (if expensive!) option if we really need it.

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