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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mine! I! Nooooooo

These are Aidan new favorite words. Fortunately, she's also learning the concept of sharing, but it takes a little persuading.

Last night, I was attempting to wash her face after dinner. Aidan takes the wash cloth, clutches it to her chest, and says, "Mine!" while patting it as if it was her lovey, Steve. Did I mention she had a death grip on the wash cloth? So, I sit down, look her in the eyes, and ask in my nicest voice, "Aidan, may Mommy please use the wash cloth? Will you share with me, please?" After some consideration, she relented and allowed me to use it.

The other morning, we were in the car, headed down the driveway to go to school. From the backseat I hear, "I go! I go! I gooooooo!"

We are having the floor in our den and kitchen replaced this week. Those of you who have been to our home give a big "Hurrah!" that the nasty carpet is gone. In it's place is some lovely tile. Aidan has decided that it is her job to sweep the floor each night. (I'll have to thank the workers for leaving the broom out.) I tried to shorten this process because of the nasty, rusted staples that are everywhere. Guess which word Aidan used? "No!!!!!" Back to negotiating. "Aidan, may Mommy please see the broom?" "No! Mine!" "Aidan, Mommy needs to use the broom now." "No! Mine!" "Come on Aidan, let's go do something else...."

Christianne wants me to share the story of what happened at the park on Saturday. Christianne took Aidan to the park to get her out of the house and let me rest (I had the flu - thanks for nothing flu shot!). The park is near a place where people can ride horses. 3 horses and riders came through and apparently Aidan saw them and took off running (she runs now) toward the horses and would have ran all the way there (across the street, through the mud, etc.) if Christianne hadn't caught up with her. One of the riders stopped and let Aidan pet the horse. Christianne said was a little unsure about petting its nose, but loved to be up close to the horse and touch its coat. A way cool Mama-Aidan experience.

Aidan is in the process of transitioning to a new room at school, with new teachers. We have started to see our first signs of separation anxiety at school. She's been going there since she was 4 months old and she's now 17.5 months old. I guess we have been blessed. I feel so sad for her when I wave good-bye and she's bawling. I know it only lasts a moment, because by the time I sign her in she's stopped, but I had thought we might just avoid the whole thing - at least at daycare. I guess not. And at the end of the day, I can't get her to leave.

I'll try to post more pictures tonight or tomorrow.

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