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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dachshunds for sale

Anyone interested in two, very sweet, loving dachshunds - cheap?

Dear, lovely pets that they are, woke up Aidan - who was nicely asleep in her carseat and then in my arms when we came home from church. What's the first rule of a home with a young child in it?


Then, I almost had her back to sleep when Harley (a very cute double dapple) decided that he needed to take that moment to barge into Aidan's room and roll around on the carpet while making happy dog sounds. Not conducive to Aidan sleeping.


I finally put Aidan down in her crib, much to her initial dislike, gathered up the dogs, and left the room. Aidan proceeded to play in her crib (in between brief bouts of not serious crying) for 1.5 hours before FINALLY going back to sleep. Now, of course, she'll want to sleep too late, so I will have to go wake her up, which will then involve more crying and crabbiness until she realizes that she likes being awake. Then bedtime will come and we'll hope she'll be tired again.

So, any takers on the dachshunds?

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