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Sunday, February 3, 2008

TONS of pictures

Here are a few of Aidan's adventures. She sure is creative!

One of her latest interests is taking every blanket out of her cubby, spreading them on her rug, and then lying down and rolling around on them. Fortunately, she's pretty good about helping pick up, her her folding skills need some work.


Just to prove she really is better at eating with a spoon...


Proving that will do anything to hear Aidan's great laugh, here we are putting Aidan's sock on our noses and then pretending to sneeze so the sock goes flying off and hits her in the face. We probably spent 20 minutes with this activity after dinner one night.


This will only make sense to those of you in Oregon, but Aidan's contemplating being part of the Granger calendar next year...


We figure it is never too early for Aidan to learn how to help around the house. Here she is learning to cook:


And helping with the laundry:


I'm not sure what sort "helping" it is to run down the hall with the toilet paper, but she sure had a plan!


Some days, getting out of the house is a challenge...


And just to prove she really does sleep:


Speaking of sleep, Aidan is doing much better with sleeping through the night. She's woken up briefly every night this week, but put herself back to sleep without my help. Now, if she just wouldn't cry when she wakes up.

Aidan cute story of the week. Aidan and I are going through the drive-thru at Boston Market. (I know, bad mommy.) I order her a kid's meal, but don't need a drink for her, so I get the kid's drink as a mommy treat of a diet coke. The worker hands me the cup and here is the dialogue (and actual conversation) that occurs between Aidan and myself:

Aidan: "Wha is at?"

Mommy: "What is this? It is a drink."

Aidan: "I wa."

Mommy: "No, you can't have it. Mommy's drink."

Aidan: "Uh..."

Mommy: "Sorry sweetie..."

Aidan: "Whaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

That's all for now!

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