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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Today's big girl accomplishment

Today, Aidan and I went to the park. On the play structures, there are stairs to climb to get up to the platform where you can then slide or whatever. Today, Aidan held on to the handrail and walked up 6 stairs all by herself - without falling over. It was quite something! And then, we slid down, side by side, holding hands(there were two slides ajoined). It was way fun!

Tonight, she decided that she didn't like having her tray on her booster seat and wanted to sit with her dishes on the table like everyone else. I actually think she decided this a few days ago, but it took me until tonight to figure out that when she was handing me her plate and saying "No. No." it didn't mean she was done eating, but rather than she was unhappy with the arrangement of her tableware. Live and learn is the name of the mommy game, isn't it?

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