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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I'm a big girl now!

Aidan has decided that she is now a big girl and I wanted to share some recent examples of her big girl endeavors.
  • She is occasionally using 2-3 word phrases such as "I go now" and "I want that."
  • She is developing definite opinions about articles of clothing she wants to wear and voicing those opinions strongly.
  • Yesterday, she climbed up into a chair at the table, reached for a napkin, put it in her lap, and ate her cheese sitting at the table (with one attempt to run off with a handful of cheese).
  • She is eating with a fork and prefers her food in a bowl rather than on her tray.
  • She can climb into the car and into her carseat by herself.
  • She is beginning to pretend using objects in novel ways (e.g.,pretending the remote is a phone).
I'm sure there are some other things, but those are the highlights. Oh, and she's learning to put things away after she gets them out (with direction from me, but she knows where things go) and likes to help put laundry in the dryer and take it out again. It is amazing to see her just take off developmentally. She really is her own person! And (most of the time) quite delightful!

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