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Monday, October 20, 2008

Ear update

Christianne took Aidan to the ENT today. I'm kind of glad I wasn't there, as Aidan put up such a fight having her ears looked at that they had to restrain her on a back board. I'm not sure I could have stood that. Christianne said she recovered quickly after they let her up and seems no worse for the wear.

Dr. Bates said that one tube is out and the other is clogged and on its way out. His recommendation was to replace the tubes. We tried to get it scheduled for this coming Friday, but no such luck. Right now, surgery is scheduled for Halloween. How's that for something to ruin your holiday? No trick or treating at school. :-( Hopefully she'll feel well enough to go out a bit that evening - especially since she's telling everyone that she plans to be a princess for Halloween. Now, we just have to keep her fever free until then. I'm asking for some maintenance antibiotics to keep the infection at bay enough (her ears are still red even with 7 days of antibiotic) that she doesn't get too sick for surgery, like happened last time. I guess the saving grace is that they aren't making us wait through multiple infections before getting us the tubes.

That's the update on the ears. In other news, Aidan is having great fun getting us to pretend with her these days. Her two favorite things to play are "night-night" (where we call lie down, she covers us with blankets and we pretend to sleep ever so briefly before waking up and doing it all over again) and "party" (where we pretend to eat cake and drink tea or juice). It is really very sweet except the tile floor is HARD! Her best phrase of late is "Happy to see you, Mama (or Mommy)." She's also learned that when we say grace, it starts with "Thank you God" and ends with "Amen." Unfortunately, she says "Amen" every time we pause to take a breath. Perhaps we are raising a Baptist. Oh, that's the other thing she does: she calls every church she sees "Baptist Church." This stems from the fact that we have several Baptist churches on a frequently traveled road by our house. One day, Christianne was listing off the churches and said Baptist church 3 times or so. Now, Aidan thinks that's what you call all churches. We are working on the various denominations now. Aidan knows that she goes to "Thomas Church." She also knows the street she lives on and the city and state in which she lives, as well as the name of her school. I'm sure there is more to report, as she grows and changes every day, but that's it for now.

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