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Thursday, December 4, 2008


Our baby girl is a shop-a-holic. And a fashionista. Aidan and I hit Target last night after work and school and this child went crazy - not over toys mind you, but over clothes and accessories. First, it was the sunglasses. She made a hard choice between the pink princess glasses and the purple Hello Kitty glasses. In the end, the purple won out (purple being her new favorite color in the whole wide world - followed closely by pink). Next we went to the clothing section because she needs a Christmas dress for her Christmas Pageant at school. (As an aside, Aidan's class will be standing on the risers and singing songs. She's been practicing at home and she knows 3 whole songs and they are cute, cute, cute! My favorite goes something like "I took a lick of a peppermint stick. I thought it tasted yummy. It hangs on the Christmas tree. But I like it better in my tummy.") Aidan, while I contemplate red versus plaid, is running from rack to rack saying things like "wow!" and "oh boy!" as she looks at the various offerings. She quickly picks a pink ballet skirt, 2 pairs of pink pants, and a pink shirt. She would have picked more if I had not hustled her out of there. We put some things back and sneaky Mommy hid most of the things we bought and so I can bring them back out as Christmas presents. I'm glad she's still young enough that I can engage in such sneakiness. It was easier to get her away from the toys. Although, she did get fixated on a sit and ride car. I got her to go by suggesting that if she didn't come with me right now, I might have to put back her pink pants. My, did she get up quickly after I mentioned that. We are going to be in trouble when she figures out that she can ask to go shopping.

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