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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cute stories

OK, so I am a total slacker on the picture front. I apologize. Between Christmas, trying to stay healthy for surgery, surgery, and recovery, I just haven't gotten to the pictures. They are all on the home computer and I'm blogging from bed on my laptop.

However, there are some cute Aidan stories to immortalize.

First, Aidan has developed her own swear word. There's a bit of a back story. For halloween, she was a fairy princess so, of course, she had a magic wand. Christianne taught her to say "Bippity, boppity, boo!" from the Cinderella movie. Aidan played with this for a time, but then started using it when she wanted us to go away. Funny how you can tell her intent from her tone at such a young age. Now, she has shortened it to "boppy!" whenever she is angry, sad, or frustrated. The other day she got stuck some place and she forcefully said, "Boppy!" as she finally escaped. It is so cute, even when she is angry. We try not to smile.

Second, her latest sentence is "I have an idea." She then proceeds to offer her suggestion for a solution to a problem. It is really sweet - and she has some good ideas.

Aidan was sick yesterday, including a cough. I asked her where her cough came from and she said, "Um.... From my cheeks!"

Aidan has done fairly well with my surgery and recovery. We are thankful for that. She still doesn't understand that I can't pick her up, but we've not had too many more tantrums than usual. Although, she is quickly approaching 2.5 and is attempting to exercise control at every turn. Her favorite thing is to say, "I'll be right back" and go off to the bathroom, close the doors, and do whatever her heart desires - usually something involving toothpaste and water - sometimes it is trying to change her poopy pull-up by herself.

Aidan continues to show little interest in potty training. She does it at school because that's what everyone does, but at home she is too busy to be bothered. We're going to have to find some big incentive program at some point. But right now, I'm not worrying about it too much.

She received a princess dress up trunk from Grandma for Christmas. This has been one of her favorite presents. She is frequently dressed up live Sleeping Beauty and often sleeps in her costume as well.

And she is in love with "Fancy Nancy" (a book series) and everything is now fancy. Thanks for Fancy Nancy, she knows words like "dapper" and "fiasco."

One of the sweet things Aidan does is share her food. She's not always excited to share her toys, but she is ever so concerned that everyone have enough to eat. It is sweet.

One of the not so endearing things she does is she now uses intensifiers. She we get, "But I really, really, really want to watch Wonder Pets." And, "But I really, really, want Wiggles." She also has started yelling for help in Spanish (Thanks, Diego). I won't spell it out, because I will butcher a beautiful language. Suffice it to say that it was cute for about 10 times. It is not so cute when combined with throwing herself on the floor and kicking at everything within a 3 foot radius.

Overall, she is just growing and changing at an amazing rate. Her conceptual understanding of things and her memory are just blossoming. She is using full sentences on a regular basis and picks up new words every day. She knows her colors almost all the time, knows most of her basic shapes, is starting to connect counting with actual quantities, and her physical abilities just keep growing too. And she has such a tender, sweet heart and really cares about people. That's the best part. Oh, and her imagination is taking off too. She is imagining various people with her including Grandma, Gomma, and Bruce (who make the most frequent appearances). She is just amazing!

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