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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Its Mommies. Plural.

We are back from San Antonio and Aidan now legally has two mommies. Of course, she's always had two mommies, but now the court says she does too. There were two other lesbian couples doing adoptions that day too, so we got to hang out with them and get to know them as well. One couple had faternal twin girls and the other couple had two boys. Everyone was really great. The actual adoption took probably 3 minutes. Christianne and I had to answer some questions and then Aidan's attorney said she recommended the adoption and the judge said "the adoption is granted." Boom. Done. We took a picture with the judge and that was it.

We had a great time in San Antonio. Aidan did really well on the trip. She woke up the first night, but then did a great job of sleeping through the night even though her teeth are giving her fits. We toured the Alamo. We walked along the River Walk. We went SWIMMING! This was Aidan's first time in the pool and she loved it. That was lots of fun and it made her sleep really well! Our last night we went to the Rain Forest Cafe and had dinner. We sat right next to the aquarium and Aidan had a BLAST! Oh, and our first night we went to a place called Zuni's Grill. It was good food and Aidan made so many eyes at our server that, when I asked for a small guacamole, he gave it to us for free! He was just smitten with her. I'm noticing, however, how difficult it can be to find healthy food for kids while on the road. Aidan ate a bunch of chicken nuggets that Christianne and I dutifully pealed all the breading off in an attempt to make them healthier. And I had packed veggies, but it is difficult to pack protein on a trip. And most of the applesauce had high frutose corn syrup in it (although, the Rain Forst Cafe served unsweetened applesauce, just fyi...). Aidan's most triumphant moment was on the way home at a Dairy Queen in the middle of nowhere. She engaged a teenaged boy enough that he actually smiled at her. She was so excited. This has been the one group of people upon whom her charms seem not to work and it actually frustrates her. You should see her work it. She'll stare at them. She'll tilt her head. She'll smile. She'll make cute noises. She'll keep this up for a long time, trying to get them to engage her. Doesn't matter that everyone else in the place is fawning over her, she gets offended that there are a few people who won't engage. It is really funny.

That's the sum of the trip. I'll post pictures when we get them uploaded.

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Anonymous said...

Hot Dog!
Send up the fireworks!
Sing praises to the Heavens!

And get ready for then next 17 years of your lives to be the wildest ride ever!

Congratulations to all three of your. Hope to see you soon!