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Thursday, March 20, 2008


Last night at dinner, Aidan said something that sounded close to "E-I-E" so Christianne started singing "E-I-E-I-O" from "Old McDonald." After listening a couple of times, Aidan was able to sing it back accurately most of the time. Then Christianne started singing the whole song and trying to get Aidan to chime in with her phrase at the appropriate time. With a little prompting, Aidan was able to do it most of the time. It is really cute. Imagine it with a little tilt of the head. Also, last night after dinner, Christianne was showing Aidan the various animals and things on Aidan's placemat. Aidan took Christianne's finger and started using it to point to various pictures and waiting for Christianne to say what the picture was - and laughing hysterically. It was really funny for all of us.

Speaking of dinner. We had beets for dinner last night. I think Aidan ate 1/2 of a 7 ounce container of beets. She wanted more, but we had run out. I hope daycare doesn't freak out at what ends up in her diaper. I think it will be pink! :-)

And on the "more amazing things Aidan does" topic: last night, Aidan was picking out her pajamas and picked out something that was probably not warm enough for the night. We told her that and Christianne asked her pick out pajamas that are "fuzzy." Now, perhaps it was just coincidence, but she rummaged around, avoiding some fuzzy pajamas that were on top, and picked out a fuzzy pair.

Other things she can do on a regular basis (from her developmental check list):

Follow directions such as "Get your book," "Find your coat," "Take my hand," etc.

Say 2 and 3 word sentences such as "Here kitty," "I go," "Get down," and "I don't want that."

Use words "I," "mine," and "you" correctly.

Walk down stairs holding a hand (did it once all by herself the other day) and upstairs by herself as long as she has a rail.

Kick a ball.

Run, usually without falling down.

Use and spoon and a fork.

Use a turning motion with her hand.

Turn pages of a book.

Flip light switches.

(We are still working on threading a bead and stacking 7 blocks. I think she could do the blocks but simply isn't interested in doing it.)

Sometimes draw a straight line on a piece of paper.

Turn a bottle upside down to dump out a Cherrio.

Sometimes pretends objects are something else (like the remote if a phone).

Puts things away (sometimes without being told to!).

Is learning to drink from a cup without a lid.

Copy things we do (like wiping up water).

Tries to feed her stuffed animals from her sippy cup.

Backs her car out of corners when she is stuck.

Calls herself "I" rather than "Aidan."

Whew! I'm tired from typing all that. No wonder she needs so much sleep! :-)

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