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Monday, March 2, 2009

Stories I don't want to forget

Story One:

After our traditional "taco-rice-and-beans" (pronounced as one word) meal following swim class on Thursday, Aidan came home with a little tummy trouble. (This was bad when she was in pull-ups, in big girl panties - oh ick!) As I was cleaning her up, I commented, "Aidan, what was that?" Aidan looked down at the remnents and said with great certitude, "Salsa Verde!"

Story Two:

Aidan and I were grocery shopping last night. She was doing something that had to be done just the way she wanted it to be done (she was trying to be helpful). I said, "You are a little high maintenance, you know that?" Without missing a beat, Aidan replied, "I am Princess!"

Bedtime is still a miserable event. We are working on it. Threatening to treat her like "a little baby" seems to make some small impression. We keep trying...

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