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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Santa's a Blackmailer

Well, bedtime was a little better last night. It still took an hour from putting on PJs to actually being asleep, and we can't just leave the room and expect her to stay in bed. However, little screaming, crying, or body tackling, so that's an improvement, right?

Our new plan last night was to allow some going back and forth and quiet play (but no hiding in the closet) until she started to wind down. But still, actually getting in and staying in the bed was not going so well. The previous night, I had finally gotten her in bed by changing the Dora Christmas book and suggesting that Santa had been going to bring Aidan presents, but had to skip her house because he heard she was not cooperating and Santa only brings presents to girls and boys who cooperate at bedtime. Last night, when Aidan started to escalate, I picked up the phone and had a conversation with Santa. It seemed that Santa was making a pre-Christmas present for Aidan, but when he heard that she would not go to bed, he said he couldn't bring the present. Santa told me to tell Aidan that if she went to bed without a fuss for 10 whole days, he would bring her the present. Aidan got right in bed after that and (mostly) stayed. I think we need a chart to keep track of how she does.

Suppose she'll be mad about this when she realizes that Santa's not real?


Meredith said...

I saw this book yesterday and it made me think of your situation:

Aidan Elizabeth's Updates said...

Thanks! I'll have to check it out.

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