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Monday, August 24, 2009

blog slacker

Yes, I am a blog slacker. I've mostly been updating on Facebook lately and neglecting the blog. I'm sorry!

We have settled into life in Ellensburg. We have our routines and things we do, which are great. We love the Farmers Market each Saturday. We often go to the Children's Museum on Saturday's as well. We hit the local swimming pool most weeks so Aidan can work on her swimming - and we hope to wear her out enough that she'll go to sleep without too much fuss. (She still hates to sleep, but only gets up once in the night now). We have gotten rid of the pull-ups entirely and she now sleeps all night in big girl panties. We've only had a couple of accidents since we started this 3 or so weeks ago. She just passed her 3-year check-up with flying colors and also had her first eye exam, complete with dilation. She did great! There are glasses in her future, most likely, but for now, she's seeing as she should. We are excited that she will get to try out ballet classes this fall. It is a trial basis because we are trying her in the 4 year old class instead of the 3 year old class (which meets at a time that only parents who work from home can do). Hopefully, Aidan will not feel frustrated in it and it will work. If not, we'll stop for a year and try again. Aidan also requested to do gymnastics again this fall. We did it for a while in the spring, but the evening classes stop over the summer because it is too hot here (and there is no A/C in the gym). Here are the pictures you were hoping for:

Aidan exploring some career options:


Chef (That's fresh okra in her mouth)


Artist (This is a picture of Christianne. We gave Aidan some clues about what to include, but she drew it herself.)

Some pictures from our trip to Spokane to see The Wiggles:

Playing in the park after the show

Practice her arabesque

Ice cream cupcake after the show

Speaking of cupcakes...Aidan wanted to make "Ming-Ming Cupcakes" (a character from the "Wonder Pets." (Ming-Ming is a duckling that wears a flight helmet.) Here are some pictues of the process:

Working on frosting

Concentrating really hard

Happy with her work

The finished product

The chef

Aidan's school had a talent show last week. For the younger children, they did a fashion show for which each child got to pick their favorite dress-up costume. Aidan was Snow White.

Opening number

Snow white

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