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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Months 4 & 5

Hi everyone. This is Aidan. Before my Mommy posts more pictures of me, I just had to tell you what I did tonight. My Mommy was working on the pictures while my Mama was feeding me. Mama got the bowl too close to me and I GRABBED IT!!!! There was chicken and sweet potato and green bean puree all over the place. My Mama said a bad word when it happened, but I thought it was funny. I got to finger paint on my highchair tray. Mama had it all over her hand and her chair, but she didn't finger paint. I don't know why. Well, Mommy says it is time for her to tell about my pictures, so here she is. Love, Aidan.

Months 4 and 5 were busy for Aidan as well - especially month 4. She was baptized in January 2007. Her Grandma and Gomma both flew in for the service and her Gomma preached and played the flute. That was really special. Her other Godmother helped get her dressed and her Godfather loved on her. She also learned to sit up during month number 5 and FINALLY rolled over from her tummy to her back. Time to go play with Aidan a bit before bed time!

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