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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

She does listen!

Aidan's one significant behavior issue at daycare is that she takes off running down the hall (or toward the parking lot) when her class is going from place to place. I've been giving suggestions to the daycare workers (like using time out) and talking to Aidan each morning about my expectation that she WAIT for Miss Lillie and Miss Rachel when they go from place to place. This morning, I asked Aidan what she was going to do for Miss Lillie and Miss Rachel. With no prompting, Aidan immediately replied, "Wait." I praised her for this and then talked about how hard it can be to remember to wait when she is excited, but I wanted her to try really hard to remember all day. Then (to make sure it wasn't a fluke response), I asked her again what she was going to do, this time in front of Miss Lillie. Aidan replied, "Wait." Now, we'll see how well it worked in action. At least she's listening if not always executing. Last night, she started to take off on me and I asked her to wait. She slowed, but kept moving. I asked, "Do you need a time out?" This little, "No." came floating to me. I said, "Well, then you had better come back here." Two very slow feet carrying a sad little face wandered their way back to me. I think we are making progress.

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Pam said...

I want to know what happened!!!!!!! Did it work??? What a cutie, and more pictures please....