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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Avocado - its what's for dinner

Aidan was, apparently, starving last night by dinner time. I whipped together a delicious dinner of chicken, black beans, carrots, and tomatoes. Aidan spies an avocado on the counter. I cut one up and bring it over to give her pieces of it. She wants the entire half I'm holding in my hand. So, I give it to her. She eats it in less that 3 mintues - and wants more. I give her another half. Same thing. Gone is 3 minutes and she is handing me the empty shell and saying "More. Please." over and over. I figure that it can't hurt her, so out comes half number 3. She takes longer with this one, but eats the whole thing too. And some chicken, beans, tomatoes and carrots too! She was one green mess by the time it was over.

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