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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Three Day Weekend!

We had a busy weekend. Saturday morning started with a snuggle in bed with all three of us. Then Aidan and I went off to Starbucks before the Little Gym so Christianne could get back to sermon writing. After the Little Gym, Aidan and I went to the Dallas Museum of Art and played around there. They have a kids space where they can do texture rubbings and crafts and things. Aidan was most interested in moving the crayons for the texture rubbings from one can to the another - and coloring the seashells. Oh well. We ate in the cafe at the museum (fish tacos with rice) and made a huge mess. She was asleep in the car before we had gone 2 blocks. After a nap, we all played and then went to Applebee's for dinner.

Sunday, we church. Aidan and I watched the nursery while Christianne did her preaching thing. Then we had a quick lunch and home for naps for everyone - until Christianne got paged for work. Too bad. When Christianne went back for evening church, Aidan and I headed to the splash park. She had great fun running around in the water. A little time at the regular park was fun too. Aidan managed to mooch 2 oranges off of some nice women who were sitting nearby. They were eating an orange and Aidan just walked right up and stared at them. They offered her an orange and Aidan practiced her Spanish by saying Hola and Gracias. She went back after she finished her first orange and asked for another. This time we added "Adios" to the list and packed up and left. They were very sweet to her. We met Christianne at Fat Daddy's for a very unhealthy dinner and went off to home. Aidan was so wired from her day that she had trouble going to and staying asleep. I think we overloaded her brain.

Monday, we went to the Dallas Zoo. That was fun, but we didn't see too many animals because it was so hot and they were all sleeping. But we did see the tigers, which was neat. Aidan got to play in the stream and had a great time running around and splashing. She fell asleep in the stroller before we even got to the car. After nap, we painted and played with play-dough. And she has become obsessed with "The Little People" DVD we have. She must have asked to watch it 5 times yesterday.

This morning, Aidan was inspecting some pretend food we bought her. She pulled out this twisted french fry looking thing that was white and orange. Christianne asked her what it was and with all confidence Aidan said, quite clearly, "Cheeto." Now, we don't keep cheetos in the house as a rule and I can't remember either one of us ever giving her a cheeto. I asked Miss Rachel about it this morning and she fessed up that she gives Aidan cheetos on Fridays. All those early days of making her eat veggies.... At least she'll still eat beets and broccoli.

Aidan had a difficult time going to school today. After 3 days with both Mommies, it was a hard transition. But I'm sure 5 minutes after I left she was hugging on Miss Lillie and having the time of her life.

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