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Monday, August 4, 2008

Big weekend and proud moments

Aidan had a very big weekend this past Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was our usual of Little Gym and swimming. We then rushed home for a nap (I had planned 2 hours, Aidan chose 1.25 hours), a late lunch, and then off to a birthday party for one of her Little Gym classmates who just turned 2. More playing in the gym, cake, goldfish pretzels, and juice. Then more playing, balloons, and gift bags, and then home.

Sunday, we had church in the morning and then out to brunch. Home for a nap (2 hours this time) and then back to church for the 5:30 service because we then had to go out to a birthday dinner for Aunt Mary.

Here's one proud moment:

Aidan attended the entire 5:30 services (about 45 minutes) and was so good. We sat in the back for the first part of the service and she colored and did quiet things. The peace came just in time, as she needed a break from being quiet and contained. Then, for the liturgy of the table, we all stand in a circle around the altar. Aidan took a book (a fish book, which was appropriate as the Gospel was the Feeding of the 5000) and stood up on the altar step, quietly looking at her book. She was quiet the whole time, except when Christianne was cleaning up the altar after communion. After Christianne consumed the last of the consecrated wine, Aidan piped up, "All gone!" Both of us told Aidan how proud we were of her and what a big girl she was to have behaved so well in church.

Then we all went to dinner. Aidan did well with the bag of toys I brought and through the consumption of a very large plate of guacamole. She then decided she was tired to sitting in the high chair. Christianne tried to get Aidan to sit with her, but Aidan would have none of it. We had a booth on one side of the table and I gave Aidan an activity to do there and then gave her a blanket and Steve. It quickly became clear that what Aidan needed was some quiet alone time. Fortunately, the restaurant wasn't packed and there was an empty table next to us. Aidan took her blanket, spread it on the ground, got Steve, got her books, got her milk, and arranged everything just so and then snuggled on her blanket. She ended up sitting on her blanket reading her books and hugging Steve. Her cousin Andrew eventually sat on the floor and read with her. That was one sweet picture. We were proud of Aidan for identifying what she needed and making it happen.

Oh, and Aidan's learning to tell happy, sad, and mad faces apart (we have a book and we've been practicing. She's getting pretty good.

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