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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cooperation Station

I know I've been posting lots of updates about things Aidan is accomplishing, but I am just amazed at what she is learning day by day and how she is developing. Every day there is something new. Yesterday, it was her blossoming social skills that amazed me.

After school, Aidan and her friend Ava were playing on the playground. They have these little sit and ride toys out there (cars and trucks and things). Both girls wanted to play with the same toy. After a little bit of help from me and from Ava's dad, the two actually started playing with the toy together. They took turns, with one riding and the other pushing and were able to take turns with almost no prompting from the adults. Every once in a while a little reminder to "use your words and talk about it" was needed, but they played well together for probably 20 minutes or more. It was great! I'm sad that Ava may be moving to a new school soon. She and Aidan are good friends and we like her parents a lot too.

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