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Friday, August 22, 2008

New School

Well, Aidan will start her new school on Monday. It seems like a very fast transition, but we didn't want her to start a new room at her old school, be there a week, and then start a whole new school. Hopefully, she won't miss getting to say good-bye too much. She has been in such a mood this week. I hope something new and stimulating will help. Her new teacher was there this morning when I dropped off the application and gave me a big hug when she heard we would be joining the school. I hope that bodes well.

Oh, I forgot to say that Leprosy is spreading through the Steve colony. Two more have been stricken with the disease. One required surgical intervention to first remove the decaying nose and then suture the area to prevent Steve's brains from leaking out. The other is in the process of losing his nose. All told, 3 Steves are now ailing, but staying strong for Aidan, who is hugging everything in sight and begging for her pacifier. Poor baby needs some soothing!

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