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Saturday, April 11, 2009

The end of a big day

So, what happens when you are "Two and seven months" (as Aidan likes to tell people who ask her how old she is), have gone on an Easter Egg hunt, played at the Children's Museum, refused to take a nap, dyed Easter Eggs at home, helped clean up the yard, and had a melt down because you were not allowed to watch TV or play computer games after dinner (because you hit Mommy earlier in the day)?

This is what happens:

She was being a pill while we were eating and we gave her the choice of sitting with us and eating her dinner, drawing in her princess drawing pad, or going upstairs to her room. First we heard cries and then, before long, we heard little snores. The above picture is how we found her. She woke-up briefly while we were trying to get her pants off and a pull-up on for the night, but went back to sleep without too much fuss. Poor girl. I hope she sleeps long and hard so she can have a happy Easter tomorrow.

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