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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Update from Ellensburg - finally

Finally, an update from our new home in Ellensburg. We miss all of our Dallas friends and family soooooo much! You are in our thoughts and prayers all the time.

Here is a picture of Aidan helping us pack in Dallas:

Aidan helping us pack

Here's a picture of her attempt to put on make-up that Ms Ferzeta and Ms. Mona gave her as a good-bye present. I tried to tell her it was blush, but she insisted it was eye shadow:

Aidan wearing make-up

Here are some picture of our new house (the Princess house as Aidan likes to call it):

our new house
back yard
looking out the window

Here's Aidan helping us unpack:

helping up-pack

And her nap on the move-in day in Ellensburg:

nap on move-in day

Palm Sunday:

Palm Sunday

Playing at the park (fashion forward as usual):

fashion forward at the park

Easter Egg hunt at her new school:

egg hunt at school

Ready for Easter Egg hunt on Holy Saturday:

ready for egg hunt on Saturday

Some picture of the area we live in (everywhere you look, there are hills and mountains in the background):

what it looks like wear we live
with mama
with mommy

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