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Monday, June 25, 2007


Hi everyone.

It seems that I may have been confusing when I wrote about our home study for adoption. The home study is part of Christianne being able to adopt Aidan (a second parent adoption). We are NOT thinking of adopting a second child. Aidan, in all her glorious curiousity and determination, will keep us both busy for a long, long time. :-) To all of you who have had or have more than one child - hat's off to you!

Aidan had a good weekend, "making do" with two sets of babysitters. Thanks for Linda and Greg and Aunts Kathryn and Susie for babysitting this weekend. Separation anxiety is hard on everyone! But Aidan had a good time and we hope our sitters did too. Aidan is just a busy bee these days, exploring everything she can get her hands on. She crawls all over the house and is so curious. And she's beginning to eat some solid food. Yesterday, she had a few bites of nectarine and assorted melons. Most went down and she didn't act like I was trying to choke her. Today, we meet with the ENT about her ears. I'll post how that went later.

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