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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ears, trip, etc.

Sorry I haven't updated in a while - or really been in contact with anyone. I've been sick (with Aidan's cold!) and had some major things going on at work, both of which have left me with energy for little else.

First, those ears. I took Aidan back to the doctor the Wednesday before our trip (just 2 days after I posted that her ears were clear, just to remind you) and she had the start of an ear infection again. She's back on antibiotics and I'm hopeful that, since we caught it early, we'll get it cleared up. She's got an appointment with a pediatric ENT on June 25th to discuss what to do. Christianne and I would prefer to avoid surgical interventions, but Aidan can't live her life on antibiotics until she's 2 or more! So, we'll see what the ENT has to say.

Our trip. There were positive things about it. It was nice to spend time with Kathryn, Susie, Andrew, and Mark. Aidan loved playing with them! And we got to see cousin Kathy and her son and daughter-in-law. They brought down a WONDERFUL meal for us and everyone had a great time. And we spent time with dear friends of Christianne's, Heather and Glenn and their kids. It was really special to get to meet these amazing people.

Overall, however, our trip was miserable. Aidan is cutting her top TWO teeth, was totally off her schedule, and was not generally her sunshiney self. I spent more hours than I care to think about walking back and forth in our room with a crying baby girl who refused to go back to sleep - even though it was 3 in the morning! We went down to the beach and Christianne put Aidan's big toe in the water and Aidan went on to scream and cry for several minutes as a result and then, once calm, just about anything could set her off again. She finally fell into an exhausted sleep - for about 45 minutes. It rained and blew. The McWitzes went fishing for snapper and got waaaaaaayyyyyy seasick. On the way home, it took us 3 hours to go from Galveston to Conroe. As a reference point, it took us a total of about 5 hours to go from Dallas to Galveston on the way down. A total of 7.5 hours to get home. Did I mention that I was sick the whole time? And Christianne's plantar fascitis is coming back? I took Tuesday as a sick day, sent Aidan to daycare, and went back to bed!

Hopefully, our next trip will be better. We didn't take many pictures, but I'll post the ones that we did.

Oh, on the trip Aidan decided that she liked to eat cherries - as long as I bit into them first and saved her a bite. And she is pulling up like a pro; sitting down again is a little less graceful. She is starting to walk a little while holding on to furniture. She's crawling up a storm. And she's saying "Na-na" when she wants to express her displeasure at doing something other than what she wants to do at the moment. Last night, she ate some cooked rice that was left over from dinner and some small chunks of cooked carrot and tomato. We may be making progress on the texture adversion. She was a hungry girl, consuming several small bites of rice (you should have seen her feeding herself rice one grain at a time!) and almost 11 ounces of baby food - plus 3 ounces of milk to top it off! Tonight, we are going to try left-over spaghetti.

That's the news from Aidan Elizabeth's Updates.

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Pam said...

What a trip!! The pictures are great! I'm in Boston right now and missing you all. Aidan would fit in just perfectly here!