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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Home Study

Our home study went well. Our social worker was a lovely woman who was very supportive of us and said she thought our adoption would go through without an problem. We spent almost 2 hours talking with her - and Aidan slept most of that time. It is looking like mid-July we will be taking a trip to San Antonio to make everything official.

After the home study, we went off to Arlington for dinner with Christianne's family to celebrate her birthday and her brother's birthday. It was a fun time and Aidan did a great job in a loud place and being up past her bedtime. Then she cried most of the way home - no so fun! Separation anxiety began last week, which was unfortunate for all the adoring family members who wanted to hold Aidan. At least it isn't showing up at daycare yet. Aidan remains happy to be dropped off and happy to be picked up. She's attached to her teachers and they clearly love her too.

Today was Christianne's birthday and we went out to lunch after church. On Friday, we leave for Galveston. Busy times for Aidan and her mommies!

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